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Svetlana Ponomareva and Co

 introduces an American favourite to Russia!



Special Thanks ...


I would like to give special thanks to my very special friends - breeders, companions and co-owner for sharing in this wonderful dream and experience in breeding Bengals!!!



Many me know me as International Judge ICU (International Cat Union) and last President of the Moscow cat club "Alisa -Best ". Many also know of my modest nursery which is focused on the breeding of American Curl & Maine-coon, and now I breed only bengal, serengeti, turkish angora and american curl. In the past I have breed Maine-coon and la-perm and munchkin, but I have closed those breeding program. All Russicats maine-coon and la-erm cats now live in xo-owners house.

BENGAL - is the new american breed which attracted me considerably stronger...



I am occupied by cats both professionally and occupationally. In other words, I turn my entire free time, all of my knowledge and all my energy to cats. In order to promote this new breed in Russia and Europe over the past years I made constant submissions to the press, both specialized and popular. I have also participated in numerous telecasts about animals and presented a large body of information about the Bengals and Serengeti on the TV and Russian Internet. Furthermore, to provide the greatest opportunity for the public to become acquainted with this new breed, I have attended many cat shows through ICU, WCF, TICA and FIFe. I have Regiolan Winner and more Show Stars!


Jean Mill and Son in Moscow - my guest

 For a cattery to have progress every year, there must be improvement in the cats. The purpose of my nursery is not the commercial multiplication of cats but the breeding of excellent and unique animals. It is their high quality, not their numbers, that guarantee progress. In connection with this, the prices of bengal kittens of show-quality that have the name Russicats/RussiCurl reflect their quality.


All are invited to visit the pages of my nursery and those of the Alisa-Best cat club. You will always obtain a free consultation on any question. In the cattery "RUSSICATS" you can always find a kitten according to your budget and interest. I give you a full guarantee of the quality and health of my kittens. Specifically, this is the characteristic my nursery has become known for... you never will be deceived.
Please send me the letter for discussion of conditions of the Contract of Sale.



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You are invited to contact me to inquire about the Bengal and Serengeti as a breed or our available kittens






La-perm cats

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